Monday, 21 March 2016

Shoulder Workout - Monday night!

I have definitely noticed that when I have had a bad day at work, I lift a lot more in the gym. Today has unfortunately been one of those days but I had a good workout so I think that makes my day! Put the music on loud and forget about everything! That is one of the feelings I love, I used to listen to music a lot in my teens.

Today was shoulders and a little bit of arms and yesterday I finally did a leg session! I have pretty much been in bed for a week feeling very ill :-( so this is me back into a routine, I have meal prepped for rest of this week and I am feeling good, motivated finally!

I am no PT but i thought i would share my workout with you all :-)

Todays workout (3 sets each exercise x10-15)
- Rotation to the side with resistant band
- Rotation upwards with resistant band
- Shoulder Press
- Arni Press
- Bicep Curl
- Skiing with resistant band (wrap it around the treadmill arm, squat a little, lean forward and pull arms back like skiing motion and slow come back down)
- Front Raise
- Side Raise
- Face pull with rope

Then I finished it off with a MyProtein Shake - Cookies & Cream :-)