Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Fitbit Challenge!!

So my other half surprised me with a Fitbit last week after wanting one for a while!

I thought my step count was pretty average with using the count on my iPhone, I was so wrong when I started wearing the Fitbit….. All I could think was crap I need to up my game here! I am at a desk for 5 days out of the week and most days I will be glued to that desk and won’t move for most of the day, then looking in the evening time and realizing I’ve only done 1863 step!!! Oops.

At the weekend I was challenged with the WEEKEND WARRIOR…. Let’s put it this way I was last. I had a huge headache on the Saturday morning, by time I got up it was dinner time… totally wasted my morning and yesterday I was taking photos for most of the day so didn’t move then! I had this great idea that I would go on the treadmill to try an beat them, but it was at least another 10k step to beat (in my head….. that sounded a lot less than it actually was) I gave in on 4k steps. I’m not a runner…. I hardly ever do cardio, which yesterday I almost keeled over with the shock of running!!! . I wanted to win this challenge but I will be classing this as my warm up…… next game is on!