Friday, 29 April 2016

One Bad Week - Pick self back up - 2 Wks till BodyPower!!

Isn’t it just typical that coming to my last week of April Fitness month that i go super down hill!! 
I couldn’t believe how well i was doing and then to have a few bad days at work and a overnight spa break eating snacks for a full day!!

And on top of that i felt so crap i didn't have chance to meal prep for rest of the week! I bought a load of meat from the butchers but its in the freezer so i need to get myself to remember to get the meat out the day before, my memory is just going down hill at the moment ha!

Absolutely gutted…… BUT BodyPower is in two weeks so why not extend my fitness hype and use BodyPower as my goal!

So when i was thinking of the fitness Expo i headed straight for the treadmill, i now need to shed some of the wobbly bits and show some definition. in these next two weeks i will introduce more cardio into my workout plans and carry on with my NIKE training, as i'm not at the gym every night i love to use the NIKE training app on my phone. It opens a lot more variety of workouts, i love trying yoga, even though i am not very good at it, i am enjoy attempting the stretches. At one point i was the person that couldn't touch her toes!!! They have a 6 minute Yoga stretch, i like to use this after upbeat workout to cool down and stretch.

The new GYMSHARK leggings came out the last week and i wanted these so much. I went for navy for a change and i love them! they are so comfy and i love the fact that they are high waister, there is not many brands in the UK that designed high waister leggings, (or not that i've seen any way) but they are comfy than i thought!
This quote sums me up right here! Ha, i bought these leggings which made me feel a lot better.

I have done weekly progression photos to see how i look over the weeks, i can not wait to see what my first week looked like to what i look like in the next two weeks.