Friday, 1 April 2016

Photography 5 - What A Gloomy Day!

Easter weekend and what better thing to do than to go out on a walk on the long weekend :)

Apart from the weather!!! Windy, raining, just a gloomy day!

We decided to go to Pugney's in Wakefield. It is close to home and it is a lovely way to get you out of the house. Talking about YouYuber's and fitness and over all life! 

Both been big YouTube fans, it’s pretty much taken over our lives. We watch it more than regular TV and with BodyPower coming up it was about planning meals and gym routines Ha...... all this in a 2 miles walk. It sounds a bit like when you're drunk and you talk about life changing!

Anyway, these are the photos I took on the walk round. It wasn’t so much a nice day but the photos turned out good J